Poppy Sage Hope and Friends developed this Evolutionary 21 Day Mind, Body, Spirit Upgrade. Poppy is an American author, entrepreneur, energy empath, healer and with the sweet ass help from many fellow lovers of life, called (Poppy and Friends) continue to blossom Online and Brick and Mortar Gatherings that provide a Direct Experience of Awakening to the living energy Space between us. A Direct Experience of this fundamental reality brings an Aura of peace and contentment to our life.

Below you will find:

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There are certain life skills that we all need some Mastery in, like:

Success, Health, Wealth, Work, Love, Sex, Relationships, Meditation and our Spacious Well Being.

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255 e-books From the Masters Are Waiting To Guide You In Your Enlightening Success Journey

‘Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not just hope and a wish...

but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything’ - Napoleon Hill

1. Supreme Personality
The book was written for readers to overcome doubt, fear, and worry so they can cultivate limitless psychic powers and thus develop harmony with nature for attainment of success, health and happiness.

2. The Path to Prosperity by James Allen
The principles that on application bring great results no matter where you have reached in life. The writer talks about man's futility to seek happiness through riches and states that the law of love is the foundation for any meaningful life on earth and each one should strive to perfect his love of another.


3. Thought Vibration
Law of attraction in the thought world and goes on to tell us that the power of thought can create or destroy depending on how we apply it.
It shows how to protect oneself with positive thoughts and teaches the thought processes and how they can be harnessed to produce wonders in our lives.


4. Why Worry?
A guide to stop worrying and live your life. It describes worry as illusion that exists only in the mind and shows as well how we can overcome it. Various techniques for eliminating or combating worry is discussed.


5. The Master Key System: Unlock The *Ultimate Power* To Attain Almost Anything With.
Book of principles, causes, effects, and laws that underlie all attainment and success. The master key shows in simple terms, how to achieve practically anything you want.


6. The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism
Want to know how to develop *Great Personal Magnetism* and attain wealth, fame, love or power? How to attract wealth, power, and fame with a super personality? Learn them with this book.


7. Within you is the Power
You can have this power within us which great teachers have been emphasizing throughout history and how we can tap it to our advantage. The book seeks to encourage individuals to bring their inward powers of mind and spirit into grater expression, achieve harmony with universal law and develop strong character.


8. Character-Building Thought Power by Ralph Waldo Trine
Every effort is made by the writer to explain what comprises good habits and why every one needs it early in life. It draws the conclusion that habits nurtured in early life concretize into impulses in future for the good or bad of the subject.


9. The Way of Peace by James Allene
A well-written book exploring the power of meditation. It expounds that it is the means by which we can achieve inner peace.


10. Lessons in Truth by H. Emilie Cady
The lessons talk about the need for self control as a vehicle for spiritual development. In this very powerful metaphysics book, various theories of mastery are put forth and discussed by the author.


11. The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science
A new age book that explains the law of cause and effect and how we can apply it to achieve success in our lives. The book explains with logical arguments how we can tap the power of the mind to do marvelous things.


12. Practical Mental Influence
Practical Mental Influence is course of lessons on mental vibrations, psychic influence, personal magnetism, fascination, psychic self protection. Learn How to mold the mind "one-pointed," until you have focused and directed a mighty degree of Mental Influence toward the desired object.


13. Success by Lord Beaverbrook
Lord Beaverbrook addresses himself to the young men of the new age. Lord gives a lot of factors that ensure success and makes mention of luck, moderation, education and courage.


14. Psychology and Achievement
A magnetic personality can lead to business success. The book explains personality in terms of psychic, psychological and mental poise.


15. 21 Success Secrets of Self made Millionaires
This explains how to visualize, imagine, and create an existing picture of wealth. Also it deals with personal fortunes, how to overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal.


16. The Buy Impulse Book
Learn 26 mind control tricks. The powerful mind control trick to get your customers doing everything you ask, is one of the tricks.


17. Inside the Minds of Winners
Improve life by learning how to take control of your life and create your own good luck and how you can make any project a total success.


18. Keys to Power Prosperity
Our 164 beliefs that automatically attract prosperity to you, keys to power persuasion and how to get anyone to do whatever you want and etc.


19. Subliminal Black Book
Learn how to make subliminal CD's, tapes and mp3's using your computer and Step by step instructions that are easy to understand.


20. Think and Grow Rich
A practical formula for attaining success, wealth and happiness and proven success strategies based on interviews with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.


21. Positive Thinking to Build Up Your Internet Business
Provided suggestions and tips for increasing internet sales, positive thinking problem solving tips and exercises. Also exercises for using visualizations and affirmations.


22. The Power Of Concentration
Wonderful ebook that will teach you the power of concentration through focus and visualization.


23. 7 Proven Insider Secrets
A volume of secret resource that helped literally hundreds of individuals to quit their day job and earn a living off the internet. And discover how insiders build and live off 100% FREE traffic to their website's and how you can do exactly the same.


24. A life on fire - Living Your Life with Passion
In this book you have one of the best and most effective ways to get aligned with your life purpose by spending time with people who have been remarkably successful at living theirs. Through this inspirational collection of cover story interviews with some of the most successful, brilliant authors and speakers of our time you will get a taste of how dedicated they are to giving you the knowledge and inspiration for living a life of balanced abundance.


25. 7 Inner Secrets of Personal Achievement by Yanik Silver
7 very personal 'mind set' tweaks that took Yanik from being a "wage slave" to having complete financial freedom and building a highly profitable seven-figure business on his own terms. With this book, you'll get the insider information on how these 7 secrets can transform your life and take anywhere you want to be - anytime you are ready.


26. 10 Tips How To Get people To Like You in 30 Seconds or Less
A great little ebook that shows you 10 simple things you can do to create a wonderful first impression. And remember first impressions last forever.


27. The secret confessions of a Mind Reader
Attain how to influence more people, to know what another person is really thinking and a sure fire strategy that persuades others to 'yes' instead of 'no'.


28. Acres of Diamonds
Acres of diamonds offers a multitude of lessons about the rewards of work, education and finding the riches of life in one's own back yard.


29. Guide to Internet Entrepreneurship
Distinguish what it really takes to succeed and profit from your online business and find out the little discussed facts that people ignore - That Makes You Either An Internet Entrepreneur Or Simply, Plain Broke!


30. Success 101
Determine How To Be Successful With Anything You Want To In Your Life In Just 30 Minutes A Day!


31. 101 Golden Keys to Success
Your personal guide to anything!


32. The Energy Addict Challenge
A 10-day plan to increase Focus, Energy and Success.


33. Beyond The Road of Gold
A true story book on how a man who was barely surviving day to day, became a highly successful network marketer, respected speaker, and business owner.


34. Shine With The Aura Of Success
A book that will let you discover how the mind body deal with positive and negative energy flows in your aura.


35. As A Man Thinketh
It's a classic book that has influenced many contemporary writers including Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, Denis Waitley, and Tony Robbins.


36. Personal Transformation
Uncover life on how you can use the universal laws; the law of attraction, the law of abundance and others to create the life of your desires.


37. Pursuing Wealth
Inside of this book, everything you need to know in your pursuit of wealth. Learn about the laws of success and discover the power of thought.


38. Stop Smoking Forever
In this book you'll know your enemy - nicotine, effects of nicotine, dand important advice for the day you quit.


39. Stop your Depression Now
You will quickly identify which type of depression affects you, discover the pitfalls of depression recovery and how to overcome them and many more to stop your depression.


40. Elanguage Learning Pack
Grasp these 8 languages all from the comfort of your own home. Spanish 3 volume set, French 3 volume set, German 3 volume set, Swedish ebook, Italian 4 volume set, 6 Japanese learning ebooks, Dutch ebook and American sign language 8 volume set.


41. The Complete Guide to Effective Public Speaking
How would you like to learn the principles of public speaking that will have your audience hanging upon your every word?


42. 7 Secrets of Being Happy Again
How to Overcome Divorce is an e-Book that reveals 7 ways to be happy again after divorce. This reveals the key to any and all happiness and finding true happiness after divorce.


43. 404 Self Improvement Tips
The ultimate self improvement tips book, 101 money saving tips, 101 success tips, 101 health and fitness tips, 101 love and relationship tips and tips proven to improve your life.


44. Success Magnetism
A successful book of acquiring magnetism. Laws of magnetism in applied life and much more.


45. How to Eliminate Anxiety and Panic... Forever
Build a lifestyle that eliminates anxiety using natural methods that are safe, free or inexpensive, and does not involve conventional medication. t reveals multiple strategies that are natural yet very effective. It also teaches you how to react properly when anxiety or panic strikes.


46. Balance Your Life - The Complete Guide to Managing Work and Family
A definition of Work/Life Balance and why it is important to you and to all of us. How companies are recognizing the need for work/life balance among their employees.


47. Memory Techniques Guide
Memory techniques are very simple. The best part - they can be applied in just minutes. Memory techniques go deep in the history - even ancient people used them.


48. Nice Guys, Shy Guys and Good Guys Finish First
Finally, the only resource that shows the Average Joe how they can come out on top!


49. Happiness & Marriage
A formula to ensure that you and your clients have the very best possible chance at having a happy and successful marriage. The one guide that NO couple should be without!


50. Healthy Computing
Stay healthy and avoid injury while working long hours on your PC. Teaches you how to not develop crippling carpal tunnel syndrome and protect against harmful radiation, etc...


51. Develop Self Confidence and Lose Your Fears
In today's world it's essential to have self-confidence. Living in fear only holds you back from realizing your dreams.


52. Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes
Do you know what to do when a catastrophe strikes? Compiled from numerous sources, this eBook could make the difference between survival and......?


53. How I Developed my Child's Genius - and How You can do it Too
The Ultimate Guide to developing the full potential of your child!


54. Family Finance Planner Software
This amazing software allows you to easily plan your finances and make financial decisions.


55. 30 Day Low Carb Diet Ketosis Plan
Now you can have the option of dropping those extra pounds - FAST.....


56. 120 Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes for Athletes
Energy filled, Healthy drinks to help keep your clients operating at Peak Performance!


57. Organic Secrets
If you're tired of worrying about what they're putting in your food now, tired of eating and feeding pesticides and who knows what else to you and your family - then this eBook is a MUST READ.


58. ABS To Die For"..How To Get Awesome ABS!
Excellent book of body-building material.


59. A Complete Handbook of Natures Cures
An eBook offers a way which, if followed, will provide re-newed energy, increased vitality and greater satisfaction that comes from living a full and useful life. It contains information on 100's of different diseases and illnesses, as well as the symptoms, causes, and natural treatments for them.


60. Introduction To Yoga Techniques
A volume of all the basics and gives you everything you need to know about yoga philosophy and tradition. You will learn traditional yoga philosophy and practice in an inviting, easy-to-read way. Packed with lessons and exercises, you will love this book and refer to it time and again as you progress in your Yoga education.


61. Lessons In Yoga Exercises
Your guide to the common and popular physical aspect of Yoga. Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is comprised of stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises in upright, lying down and inverted postures.


62. Guide To Advanced Yoga Techniques
A complete manual for the study and practice of Raja and Gnani Yoga. This book of timeless teachings is a treasure to be read and referred to again and again by those seeking the spiritual path.


63. The Safe Way To Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy
70 compiled top tips to getting healthy and staying that way.


64. Headache Happiness
Spend the day each day without a headache. "Headache Happiness!" is a thoroughly researched guide. A dozens of tips to gain control in the battle of preventing headache pain.


65. Lose 10 lbs Quickly
101 'Everyday' Tips for Losing 10 Pounds is a thoroughly researched report on 'everyday ways' to maintain a healthier lifestyle for people on the go. It is designed to be quick and efficient.


66. Controlling your Cholesterol
It's full of wonderful information that will help you to understand why your cholesterol level is so important and how it affects your overall health.


67. Vinegar for your Health!
If you're not familiar with the incredibly healthful benefits of vinegar, then you're missing out on a lot.


68. 1000 Atkins Diet Recipes
Time-Tested and Proven book, the Atkins Diet Receipes will help your clients melt the pounds away. Now includes the Atkins Carb Gram Counter, and the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution!


69. Men's Health - Total Body Workbook
A beyond price book about health. All of the exercises and logs that you'll need for quite some time.


70. Delicious Diabetic Recipes
Diabetic book, the hardest thing for any diabetic, in this day & age where everything is filled with sugars & corn syrups - is to find foods that are safe to eat.


71. Obesity & Weight Loss
The obesity and weight loss ebook. With obesity now being listed as one of the top killers, I've included this useful tool!


72. 3 Keys to Fortune
What if you knew you could do three simple things and, as if by magic, the people, places, things and situations you needed and desired would come to you?.


73. 50 Ways to Reach Your Goals
There is a deep seated, instinctive need in the emotional make-up of human beings to chase after whatever makes them happiest.


74. Astonishing Power of Gratitude
How to fix the 5 big mistakes that keep you from putting gratitude to work for you.


75. Earn Twice As Much With Half The Stress
Who would turn down that kind of proposition? But doesn't earning twice as much imply twice as much stress? At the very least, doesn't it mean a lot more work?


76. Handbook for the New Paradigm
This is a point in the evolution of the planet that brings to the forefront of each individual's thoughts the question of why my, why now and what is really going on in the reality that is right now in the time we are experiencing.


77. Happy as You Want to Be
Almost everyone has heard the hit single "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin. The son has a very catchy way of conveying its message of being happy to everyone.


78. Happy People Are More Abundant!
Being happy is indeed the first step on the road to more money, health and loving relationships, which are our universal desires. Everything else is a by-product of this triad.


79. How to See the Aura
What is the aura, where does it come from and what is its purpose? Is there a connection between the aura and the universe? Is the aura the same as the soul?


80. Meditation for Soul Communion
These lessons are designed to be used over a 13 week period to introduce you to a process commonly called meditation and to an understanding how the practice of meditation allows you to receive clearer inner guidance in all you life's activities.


81. Mystic Secrets Revealed
Mystics have studied the underlying principles that manifest reality for centuries. These same principles existed in the time of Socrates and they existed before the establishment of many of today's religions.


82. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
A well created book to teach you that your habitual thinking and imagery mold, fashion, and create your destiny; for as a man thinketh in his sub-conscious mind, so is he.


83. Principles of Success
Brian Tracy is one of the world's leading authorities on personal and business success.


84. The "Prosperity Game" Handbook
How "Playing Your Way to Prosperity" can easily transform your life.


85. Quantum Power Code
Insight, Mind Power & Synchronicity ebook.


86. Resonance of the Stars
A clear and concise road map to self-improvement and self-empowerment


87. Road Signs from the Universe
Road Signs for self help and personal development.


88. Traveling the Purposeful Path
At first glance this may look like a question with such an obvious answer, that it's pointless to even discuss it. But I have found that there is often a wealth of wisdom in questions we assume we already know how to answer.


89. Your Invisible Power
These pages have been written for the purpose of furnishing you a key to the attainment of your desires, and to explain that fear should be entirely banished from your consciousness in order for you to obtain possession of the things you want.


90. Seven Hypnosis Secrets-Guaranteed to Work.
The Secrets of Hypnotic Speaking and 7 Basic "Prime" Application of Covert Hypnosis by Nathan Blaszak. Guaranteed to work.


91. Conquer Your Adversity by Rasheed Ali
Learn the 5 steps to Conquering Your Adversity and Achieving Anything fast. A dedicated book to all individuals who are looking for a way to pay the price for success and achievement.


92. How to Live on 24 Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett
The Personal Power Course, create the life you've always wanted. Discover how to use your own Subconscious Energies for Health, Prosperity and Personal Achievement.


93. The Manifesting Mind: Strategies for Deliberate Attraction and Conscious Living by Barry Goss
Find out for the Incredible wisdom distilled from numerous people who understand the principles of inside-out creation and more. Plus discover the 12 Key Manifesting Principles, Our Life's Top 5 Illusions.


94. The Secret Door to Success by Florence Scovel Shimm
An electronic version of the famous book, The Secret Door to Success. Compiled stories about Success.


95. "I don't want to be your Guru but I have something to say" by Joyce L. Shafer
This is a conversation with Old Bill.


96. As ya think
The full of understanding and meaning that it'll touch every single little tiny thing that happens to your life. This book reflects the kind of life a person has.


97. The Immutable Formula for Results and Success
3 very special lessons that deals about life improvement and success. Tips and suggestions are revealed in the book


98. The Trapeze Buddy Success Strategy
Teamwork is essential in the Fitness industry if we're going to create long-term success. A storybook that captures the essence of how to enhance teamwork, trust and support.


99. The Secret Of Success by William Walker Atkinson
Attainment which embodies the essence of that which we call Success. Atkinson reveals the Success secrets as he want us to be successful also.


100. Never Ever Give Up by Saleem Rana
Attain the outlook on how to never ever give up on your dreams. There is nothing more dear to the human soul than to follow a dream and nothing more tragic than giving up on your dream.


101. Eclectic School Reading Stories From Life by Orison Swett Marden
To make a life, as well as to make a living, is one of the supreme objects for which we must all struggle. The writer's object has been to show young people that, no matter how humble their birth or circumstances, they may make lives that will be held up as examples to future generations, even as these stories show how boys, handicapped by poverty and the most discouraging surroundings, yet succeeded so that they are held up as models to the boys of to-day.


102. Effortless Power by Alan Tutt
Learn the factors that work together to create a synergy-effect to greatly amplify the amount of Spiritual Power that you can tap and direct to fulfill your wishes. This mini-course will let you learn the importance of your spirit connection, attracting money effortlessly and much more.


103. The Exact Way to Get Rich by Brother Paul
A real life story book, a step by step on the exact way to get rich, getting into the right business and lots of information available to get rich.


104. Poker Without Cards
A consciousness thriller, combining natural philosophy with storytelling. Poker Without Cards pulls the circus tent back on persuasion and marketing.


105. Anger Journal of Mastery by Sopan Greene, M.A.
What makes you angry in the Five Keys Areas of your Life?. The author provides the exercise to help you bring who you are to how you live.


106. BrainSweep by Evelyn Cole, MA, MFA
You can have what you want in six weeks in six directed lessons. Brainsweep is a directed journal writing technique to sweep out the rubble that keeps you from meeting you conscious goals.


107. Change you mind with EFT: The Emotional Freedom Techniques by Angela Treat Lyon, EFT C-C.
Relieve pain, fears, illness and anger. Easily create joy, health, freedom and success. The cause of all negative emotions is disruption in the body's energy system.


108. Simple Steps for Adding Fire, Passion, And Energy Back into Your Career, Business and Life.
You have to sweat daily to live out your dreams and passionate goals. Examine life, business or career to have your 'Passion".


109. Fun and Goals Journal of Mastery by Sopan Greene, M.A.
Create and a new habit into your life without pressure just like when you have a goal to brush your teeth when you wake up. Plant a seed you like and if that seed is with determination then it'll grow like a Great Oak Tree of fulfilling life.


110. The Silence: What it is and how to use it by David V. Bush
A guide-post which has steered many a traveler out of the ruts and mire of dismal struggle onto the smooth, oiled turnpike of a successful, happy, useful life. A simple, easy, everyday, workaday rules which will bring to you abundance, success, happiness and love.


111. SpeedWealth: How to make a Million in your own Business in 3 years or less by T. Harv Eker
A dynamic new business system that will allow you to create wealth faster than you have ever dreamed possible. T. Harv Eker Went from zero to millionaire in only 2½, now you can too.


112. The Unique Wealth Suite by Angela Treat Lyon
What is the Unique Wealth suite? Learn the 9 steps to make your passion profit.


113. The Vitale Secret
A special report by Blair Warren. How Joe Vitale Generates an Avalanche of Ideas for Profitable E-Products and Services Without Lifting a Finger.


114. On Being, The Creator of your Destiny by Peggy McColl
Change is inevitable; you see it everywhere, every day. People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain bound. The results we are achieving in the various areas of our life are a reflection of the inner progress we are making.


115. The Thoughts Alive Thinking Guide by Leslie Householder
Thinking Guide is meant to introduce you to some of the most important principles of right thinking. You have the power to steer your life anywhere you want it to go.


116. How to Pray.
A collection of prayer books. Lots of enlightenment about prayer, the essentials of prayer, the purpose of prayer, how to pray and much more.


117. Fail as Fast as Possible and Other Contrarian Business Success Secrets
If you don't succeed at the first, fail is the key to your success. So fail fast, learn what works and keep going..


118. Making Your First Million
A practical Guide to Centered Prosperity. A how to turn your passion or hobby into a $100,000 a year Business on the Internet ebook.


119. Mapping the Universe
A report to help you to take control of your inner world and also build magical relationship with around you. Attain the secrets to great communication and how you can literally step into another person's world.


120. MindSet Money
Did you know your own Mind Set is your problem? Take the ten steps to changing your mind set. Have the 3 keys to recognize success and make a part of your life.


121. Special Report: Helpful Hints for Meditation
The Power of Personal Peace: "Reducing Stress by Loving Yourself from the Inside Out". Have fun in learning to meditate or improving your practice..


122. Creative Mind Training for Health and Wealth
How to get your Sub-conscious mind to work for you. What the mind believes the mind achieves, health and wealth.


123. 101 Ways to learn by Kevin Eikenberry
101 suggestions, spurs, and opportunities to help you make the choice to learn. Do what is suggested then reflect on your experience and the lessons it holds for you.


124. Meditation Guide by Dr. ILenya Marrin
A guided meditation for relaxing, revitalizing, and tapping your own inner resources for personal peace.


125. Confidential Wealth Secrets by Anthony Tomei
A powerful, illuminating and thought provoking ebook.The rich and wealthy are no different from you, the only difference is they have the knowledge and understanding.


126. Affirmations for the New YOU
Comprehensive list of affirmations designed to empower you in different ways. Develop your emotional response and strength to getting the excitement, drive and passion for leadership health or success.


127. Deep Meditation Secret
Learn the six ancient secrets to Ultra Deep and BLissful Meditation. The Deep Trance Meditation will help you to harness your creative Genius, stimulate your Intellectual Abilities and attain the Blissful Calm of True Inner Peace.


128. Morning has been All Night Coming by John Harricharana
This book brought back so many memories of my a person's experiences in different dimensions. It also filled with many points of interest. filled with many points of interest, many gems of wisdom, many beautiful descriptions of our view of God and what we think of Him/Her.


129. You Can't Walk on Water, Take the Boat by John Harricharan
Book of ancient truths are as old as the hills, yet they shine ever so radiantly with newness whenever they are rediscovered. rediscover and realize that you are a being of infinite power and potential, limited only by your own beliefs about yourself and the world.


130. BEING: a Dog with a Bone by Peggy McColl
In her book Peggy McColl explains how you can follow some doggone good guidelines to not only succeed but also to simplify your life. On Being a Dog with a Bone briefly defines how you can learn some helpful tricks from man’s best friends.


131. The Think and Grow Rich Workbook by O’Bryan and Vitale
A powerful tool for focusing your mind and achieving your goals. This book is to help all those who seek it, to learn the art of changing their minds from failure consciousness to success CONSCIOUSNESS to SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS.


132. The Lessons of Life by Adebola A. Oni
A true to life experiences of Adebola A. Oni. Lessons abut dream, imagination as a power, faith is everything and God.


133. The Greatest Networker in the World
This book has the power to truly change your life and raise your Business to the highest level. Uplifting, inspiring and motivating - truly a 'must read' life-changing book.


134. 99 Cows
A sketchbook that shows a wide range of remarkable stuff- to challenge you to realize that remarkable takes many forms and that if you to, you can bring this thinking to your career, job or product.


135. Best Article Ever Written
Tips on how to be successful online fast. Discover an exclusive insider secrets and the exact proven strategies to make money online in Internet Marketing Tactics.


136. Summum: Sealed Except to the Open Mind
This book is dedicated with gratitude to the Summa Individuals who untiringly work the pathways of spiritual evolution, and who with great concern have presented to me these Principles. When the student's mind is open, then comes the voice to fill it with wisdom.


137. How the Holosync Technology Works
A book that teaches how does Holosync Technology works and distinguishes each deeper level of the program.


138. The Message of a Master by John McDonald
A book that teaches in a clear, understable, simple way, step by step, a practical, workable procedures based upon Divine Law, for the mastery of environment and conditions.


139. How to develop a "Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker
Now you can learn how to develop a Millionaire Mind. The secret psychology of wealth. Begin the process of manifesting change in your life.


140. Pushing to the Front by Orison Swett Marden
The author has received thousands of letters from people in nearly all parts of the world telling how the book has aroused their ambition, changed their ideals and aims, and has spurred them to the successful undertaking of what they before had thought impossible. Volume is full of the most fascinating romances of achievement under difficulties, of obscure beginnings and triumphant endings, of stirring stories of struggles and triumphs.


141. Reverse Engineering: The Best Process Available to Effectively Identify and Achieve Your Goals By Boris Vene and Nikola Grubisa
Guidelines (short-term goals) on how you will achieve your ultimate goal and you have all the activities you need to reach it written down in detail. You will also be able to see what awaits you in the future, down the road. In reaching for the top (your realized goal), You'll be able to clearly see where the next step is that you need to take or where you have to move to achieve the next level.


142. Articles of Success
Success seems to distil down to two elements. Right mind/attitude, and right behavior. The fastest path to success in your chosen field is to seek out a mentor, coach, or "guru" in the area you wish to change/Succeed at.


All unhappiness is caused by denial of the present. The true source of experiencing enormous joy lies in one act: discovering and following what excites us the most in any given moment each day, all day.


144. Train Your Brain by Judith Tramayne-Barth
A ebook which shows how to manifest (create) the life you desire in ease and fun.


145. How to Free Yourself of ANY Disease, Stop Fatigue,And Create Unstoppable Energy in Your Life by Kacper M. Postawski
Attain how to supercharge your sleep system to sleep less, and have more time and energy in your life. How to create an extra-ordinary level of energy in your life, 24/7, never feel, and how to free yourself of Fatigue. “tired” or “worn out” again.


146. If You Want To GET RICH You’ve Got To BREAK THE LAW! by Ron Henley
A step-by-step how to create a massive fortune with whatever you have, wherever you are. Learn and apply these 7 simple steps, you will be well on your way to making your financial dreams come true.


147. You can have more Inner Peace, Joy and Vitality in your life by Kerry-Ann Cox
Your soul is crying out for Peace, Tranquility and Beauty. Without theses things your life becomes colourless, boring and full of tension. Life is a bit of a struggle.


148. The One Marketing Secret That Could make you Rich by David Vallieres
People hate to be sold and there are a lot entrepreneurs who hate sell. A method in this report can help your potential customer actual Customers, with very like effortaon you heart.


149. How To Finally Make Money and Achieve True Success By Mike Litman & Jason Oman
Know the 5 Forgotten of True Success and 7 steps to financial freedom


150. Advanced Spiritual Marketing by Dr. Joe Vitale
What would you do if you thought like God? “Spirit is substance which forms itself according to your demands and must have a pattern from which to work.


151. How to Break Free from Your Psychological Shackles by Rebecca Hagel
The package is The Truth About Marketing and Making Love” and “How to Unlock Your Potential to Succeed!. Work is a Prison, Society is the Warden, and You’re Locked Up.


152. Consciousness and Success by Remez Sasson
Articles about the powers of the mind and about the power of thoughts and how to use them for achieving success. The ebook also includes several introductory articles about peace of mind and how to attain it. Articles will inspire motivate and help you to improve your life.


153. The Game of Life and How To Play it
An immensely popular manual of easy-to-use ideas and techniques that teach how we can create the happiness we want by aligning our thoughts and words with the perfect good that resides divinely within us.. True stories she explains how positive attitudes and affirmations invariably succeed so that we are able to control life’s conditions and attract abundance through the knowledge of spiritual law.


154. Guaranteed Success Thinking by Jim Edwards
The author give his own perspective about how the thoughts we have impact to our success. Jim wants to help you understand how and why you think about on a consistent basis creates your reality.


155. Inner Guidance Development by Wendy Kay
Wendy’s goal is to ensure you have a fundamental understanding of the techniques necessary to develop your Inner Guidance abilities. These techniques will create a solid foundation for your development and self discovery journey. This is the ultimate personal growth experience.


156. The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill
20 Amazing tools and resources of "HOly Grail of Self Improvement". The amazing power of your thoughts...and how they affect your life. The amazing 12-step 'Code of Ethics', which if you live by...will guarantee your success.


157. How to Meditate
There are many ways to meditate; mantras, Hasma Meditation etc. They all seem to lead to the same place.


158. Rapid Manifestation”: How to Get Everything You Want Fast! by Song Chengxiang
A volume of lessons that will tell the principles of attraction, transformation, connection, of being, higher self, and much more with regards to manifestation.


159. The Two Greatest Life Mentors by Charles Lalonde
Provide tools for transformation, distinctive tools to accelerate the personal discovery of essential success drivers. This handbook will guide you in one of the most important decisions you will ever make: Choosing both your Life and Area Specific Mentors to achieve success and prosperity.


160. How to overcome failure and achieve success by Napoleon Hill
A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. Discover the attributes of leadership to success.


Bhagavad-gita translated by Sir. Edwin Arnold


Understanding happiness, is unquestionably the goal of all human endeavor; all activities have this one aim in view. Understanding is a wellspring" of happiness.


163. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda
The characteristics features of an Indian Culture with beautiful life. He was one of the great masters who are India's sole remaining wealth. Emerging in every generation, they have bulwarked their land against the fate of Babylon and Egypt.


164. Letter from Birmingham Jail: Martin Luther King Jr.
A version of King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" appeared in his 1964 book Why Can't Wait.


165. With Folded Wings (1947) by Stewart Edward White
Aspects of this expansion of consciousness business is dealt with this book. A book that tackles manifestation, intention, meditation, prayer and much more.


166. Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism by Yogi Ramacharaka
A deep explanation where the each principles is discussed. The spiritual principles, mental principle and many more...


167. How to stop your Depression now and Reclaim yourself and Live Again by Sharon Schurman
Depression happens to all the time and most of us who have it don't get it treated it. The book provides you the quick treatment and relief for depression sufferers.


168. Instant Cover Creator
Instantly Create Simple Covers For Any Project In Under 30 Seconds. Instant Cover Creator Will Save You Tons of Time, Money and Effort.


169. Ezine Filter and Format
Look how easy it Filter And Format Software is. Ezine Filter And Format Software will instantly solve of BOTH of these problems for you.


170. Reprint Rights Magic by Allan Wilson
Discover the proven Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Skyrocket YOur Profits by Unleashing the Power of Ebooks and Software with Resell Rights.


171. Resale Rights Profits
Learn how to set up a successful resale rights business from start to finish.


172. Good Guys
Know why nice guys do not finish last anymore and in the foreseeable future. Understand how untrained men under 35 affect the lives of unsuspecting women.


173. The Secret to Winning Every Single Time… In Everything You Do by Jim Edwards
Discover how to rise above the competition in every aspect of your life so you can enjoy all the happiness, prosperity and money you want… any time you want it!


174. Disaster Preparedness Kit by Allan Ingledue
Know how to reduce the impact of a disaster on you and understand it. Create a Disaster Plan, four steps to safety and practice and maintain your plan.


175. Rebuild after Divorce
A man or woman' guide on how to survive a divorce.


176. Mystery Shopper by Joseph Then
What is mystery shopping and how to avoid mystery shopping drawbacks and scams. How to get paid to shop: 'The Definite Guide'.


177. 97 Steps to a Happy Relationship
Start improving your marriage and relationships today using these daily tips


178. 97 Easy Money Savers
Save your way to a personal fortune. No matter what your reason for saving, through this ebook, you will discover ways never considered.


179. Learn to play Guitar
A new ebook collection specifically designed to teach you how to begin playing your very own guitar and how you can make a living as a musician.


180. Ultimate Techniques For Time Management by Brad Gearhart
Do you live in your own time cage? Accomplish more with less time, doing two things at once and learn how to manage your time.


181. Math Master
The fun way to practice and master Basic Mathematical Skills.


182. Turning Their Trash Into Your Profits by Maria Vowell
Have you ever been to a yard sale, and noticed handmade items being sold extremely cheap like crocheted bedspreads, afghans etc. Now you too profit by selling arts and crafts without making a thing..


183. Super Baby
How to create a super baby. The vital things you must Do in the first year of your child's life.


184. The American Gardener
A treatise on the situation, soil, and laying out of gardens, on the making and managing of hot-beds. and green houses. And propagation of the several sorts of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.


185. Strategies for Getting Started in Real State
Education is your key to wealth in real state. Some tips on getting started; read/listen to recommended books/tapes, participate online forums, attend a first time home buyers class or paid local college courses (i.e., appraisal)


186. The Borrower's Bible by Jon Murray
"Borrow" Money - That You Don't Need To Repay. Obtain the Secrets of Obtaining a First Class Credit Rating.


187. Beginners Guide To Golf
This ebook is ideal for anyone who is a golf novice. The golf course is explained, different types of golf course, golf shots and much more with concern to golf.


188. How To Buy Antiques And Collectibles
So How Do You Get This Knowledge? Learn from this book on how, where and sell antiques and collectibles.


189. Making it as a Musician
A person who has the musical skills necessary to play one or more instruments may have the desire to become a professional musician or work in a related field. The intent of this manual is to give you an insight into how you can achieve those goals and subsequently earn a comfortable living.


190. 7 Indicators of hidden frustration in your relationship by Coach Nora Femnia, Ph.D.
Hidden frustration is repressed anger. Every Conflict without exception, creates an unparalled opportunity to wake up


191. 101 Ways To Stop The Money Leak
An outstanding money saving tips. Manage to plug a few other leaks and your money pot will not be empty when you need it most. This e-book will show you how little savings can add up quickly.


192. Body Language and How to Read it
If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the body is the mirror of our feelings. Non-verbal will help you in dealing with the person but stay focused on what the person is saying.


193. Mind your own Business
A Business Ebook Conditioning your Mind for Success. Mind Your OWn Business is designed to help you mind and business to accomplish the goals you have set forth for yourself and Now is the time to start.


194. How To Get The Truth Out of Anyone Forever
Act like a Human Lie Detector. Also learn how to get the truth without beating it out of them.


195. The Science Of Getting Rich Wallace D. Wattles
Tips and guidelines on how to get rich by Wallace.


196. The Science Of Being Great Wallace D. Wattles
Tips and guidelines on how be great by Wallace


197. 97 Ways to Get Fit and Stay Fit
Tips for both health and fitness that will help you lose weight, discover ways to maintain a better healthy lifestyle, and be in the shape of your life.


198. Health Articles
Having a healthy lifestyle does not guarantee that an individual would not get sick because no matter how good a person takes care of himself, unforeseen things can still happen. Health articles such as low cost Health Insurances, affordable Health Insurances and free free health insurances quotes.


199. Weight Watchers
A volume of weight guidelines; drop diet recipes, weight watchers Eating out Guide, 100 favorite recipes and much more


200. 4-Exercise Examples
Some Four-Exercise Combo Examples that will work with Holiday-promo Muscle Audio.


201. Weight Loss Tips by Mark Idzik
Weight Loss tips you can use today, right now, to lose all the weight you want safely, naturally and for life. Any doctor worth their salt will tell you diets don't work.


202. Fitness Book: The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of
Five Fantastic Exercises for several of the major muscle groups on you body. how to execute it properly and safely and how to best incorporate the exercise into your workouts.


203. The Leanness Lifestyle by David Greenwalt
Proven Strategies to sculpt your body. Heal your mind and become Better Today. Resistance Training for Everyone


204. Beauty & Skincare by David & Shery Russ
Skin Care for Everyone. Good Skin care should not be confusing or require multiple products just so you can feel clean. 21 Beauty & Skincare Tips


205. Health and Fitness by David & Shery Russ
Keeping your Family Healthy: Properly Ventilate your home to promote Sound Health. Exercising Without Knowing It: Working Out in your Day to Day Activities.


206. Success Musings
Success is granted to those who have a fervent desire to live of promise and a firm resolve to not compromise. 31 Ways to have an Abundant Material, PHysical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Experience of Life.


207. 13 Success Secrets Revealed
Success always begins with desire, as desire is an extremely potent force , an energetic emanation of the human spirit that enacts the law of attraction. In this book, you'll learn the ways to your success.


208. The Richest Man in Babylon
The most inspiring book on wealth ever written. Beloved by millions, this best selling book reveals the success secrets of the ancients and has been hailed as the greatest inspirational work on the subject of thrift, financial planning and wealth.


209. A Dream Business with Hypnosis
A Hypnosis Ebook, a how to an d what is Hypnosis. How to turn your Passion into Profits by Iain Legg and Jonny Blue Star.


210. 7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice
Seven working tips on Hypnotizing. This will let discover the deeper meaning of Hypnotism.


211. Hypnosis Heals
Selected case histories from the files of Professional Hypnotherapists..


212. Priceless Collection of Marketing Reports: The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning
Books of Packed full of powerful marketing secrets that will help you and your business enhance its image and increase its business.


213. Hypnotism and Self-Hypnosis by Ralph Slatter
A book about Hypnotism, history, how to hypnotize, its methods, stages, dangers, and the 10 Cardinal Points.




214. Hypnosis for Beginners by Dylan Morgan
Simple Practical Examples are given which allow you to explore in person and with others some of the obvious things about the way in which the mind and body.


215. Hypnosis Advanced Hypnotic Techniques
Steps and guidelines on Hypnosis.


216. Easy Mentalism by JP Jacquard
Techniques and effects revealed that will enable you to put on a terrific display od mentalist and mind reading that will astonish your friends, family and colleagues. Learn how to predict.


217. 7 Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed to Work
The Secret to Success and Power with People beyond you Wildest Imagination. Attain the 7 secrets of Hypnosis.


218. As a Man Thinketh
Towering Inspirational book of Thought, Serenity, Visions, Ideals and Character. Know the effect of Thought on Circumstances and on Health & the body.


219. Character-Building Thought Power
Thought is the force underlying all, every act - every conscious act - is preceded by a thought. Each one, then, can grow the power of determining, controlling his thought, the power of determining what types of thought he shall and what types he shall not entertain..


220. Beginners Guide to Lucid Dreaming Techniques
A deep definition of Lucid Dreaming and the dangers of Lucid Dreaming. Few techniques to “map your way to lucidity”.


221. Change your Mind
Success is having achieved that which you determine you will do! Though not always a conscious decision, the seed that leads to action is to first determine.


222. Using Power of Positive Thinking To Start Investing In You!
Change your mind, change your life. Attain the attitude on how to learn from your mistakes and hook up to positive energy..


223. Unconscious Memory
Covered with this book; the oneness of personality between parent and offspring, memory on the part of the offspring of certain actions which it did when in the persons of its forefathers, the latency of that memory until it is rekindled by a recurrence of the associated ideas and the unconsciousness with which habitual actions come to be performed.


224. The Science of Getting Rich
Every mans has the right to be rich. The books details the principles in the science of getting rich, how riches come to you


225. The Science of Being Well
The Principle of Health, Health in a person, when in full constructive activity, causes all the voluntary functions of his life to be perfectly performed


226. The Science of Being Great
Man has an inherent power by which he may grow in whatsoever direction he pleases, and there does not appear to be any limit to the possibilities of his growth.


227. 13 Success Secrets Revealed
Success always begins with desire, as desire is an extremely potent force , an energetic emanation of the human spirit that enacts the law of attraction. In this book, you'll learn the ways on your success


228. Success Musings
Success is granted to those who have a fervent desire to live of promise and a firm resolve to not compromise. 31 Ways to have an Abundant Material, PHysical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Experience of Life.


229. Right and Wrong Thinking and their Results by Aaron Martin Crane.
A devoted book to external matters which man can detach from himself and throw away. By shaking out of his mind every cumbering thought of discord and error he may disclose to view the real man in all the perfection which his Creator bestowed upon him, and thus rise to that divine height of purity and perfection which has heretofore been deemed inaccessible


230. THOUGHT POWER: Its Control and Culture by Annie Besant
Seven working tips on Hypnotizing. This will let discover the deeper meaning of Hypnotism.


231. Mental Efficiency and Other Hints to Men and Women By Arnold Bennett
The roadmap you need to follow to develop that strength and begin to make positive changes in your life. Whether your goal is a promotion at work, or starting a successful business, or leading a happy home life, Mental Efficiency and Other Hints to Men and Women can show you how to achieve that goal.


232. How to Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Reality by Brown Landone
An ideal book that reveals the secrets to making your dreams come true. the simple process of bringing your heart's desire into manifestation with the certainty of always being able to do so.


233. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel
Mental chemistry is, the science which treats of the changes which material conditions undergo through the operations of the mind, verified by exact observation and correct thinking.


234. The Ideal Made Real by Christian Larson
Practical methods through which anyone, the beginner in particular, may realize his ideals, cause his cherished dreams to come true, and cause the visions of the soul to become tangible realities in everyday life.


235. Your Forces and How to Use Them by Christian Larson
Christian want to encourage as many people as possible to study and apply these greater powers within them so that they may not only become greater and richer and more worthy as individuals, but may also become the forerunners of that higher and more wonderful race of which we all have so fondly dreamed.


236. How to Turn Your Ability Into Cash by Earl Prevette
A step-by-step instructions for controlling negative thoughts, getting the most out of your abilities and achieving your dreams.


237. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion by Emile Coue
Emile Coue, exerted a profound influence on the beliefs of occultists and hypnotists concerning the nature of hypnosis and the suggestibility of the unconscious mind.


238. The Science of Mind by Ernest S.Holmes
These lessons are dedicated to that truth which frees man from himself and sets him on the pathway of a new experience, which enables him to see through the mist to the Eternal and Changless Reality.


239. Attaining Your Desires by Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by Genevieve Behrend
Teaches you how to communicate directly with your subconscious mind and unleash its power.


240. The Multiple Mentality Course By Harry Kahne
A series of the Exercises leading to the Development of Greater Mental Power. A True Course in Right/Left Brain Training Development of Creative Intelligence and Conscious Fostering of Intuitive Powers.


241. Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen
In this book, Allen disects the human condition and like a master physician, he offers solutions in his haunting and truthful style.


242. Byways to Blessedness by James Allen
Take the complete road of self-examination to find what you are attracting in your life through your very thoughts. James shows you how taking the time to rest and go within will help you to create what you want "without".


243. Self Development and the Way to Power by L. W. Rogers
Happiness is the normal condition, as natural as the landscapes and the seasons. It is unnatural to suffer and it is only because of our ignorance that we do suffer. “We may be either the suffering slaves of nature or the happy masters of her laws.”


244. Concentration and The Acquirement of Personal Magnetism By O. Hashnu Hara*
A great book with great benefit to all who need a helmsman to guide the rudder of the good boat “Thought” to the harbor of Success.


245. An Iron Will by Orison Swett Marden
All about harnessing the power of your self will to work for you instead of against you. Having a strong sense of will is meaningless if it is misdirected. Emerson says "The Education of the Will is the object of our existence".


246. Secrets of Mental Supremacy by W. R. C. Latson
A step-by-step instructions and exercises you need to achieve “mental supremacy”. This book presents several kinds of exercises for each stage, exercises can be easily modified and new ones can be created according to the reader's preferences.


247. The Mental Cure by Warren Felt Evans
A treatise is to explain the nature and laws of the inner life of man, and to contribute some light on the subject of Mental Hygiene, which is beginning to assume importance in the treatment of disease, and to attract the attention of physiologists.


248. The Power of Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin
An attempt is made to show how the reader can, by changing his thoughts and mental attitude, "reverse the lever" and come into harmony with the Divine Idea.


249. The Mega Weath Library
10 audio books reveal wealth creating secrets, how to make $1000 a week as a magazine subscription agent and many more.


250. Your dreams revealed
A 372 page manual decoding the meaning of dreams

251. Learn and grow collection
Learn And Grow is a collection of 5 ebooks on different education and health topics intended to help you make the most of your child's natural curiosity and guide them towards a healthy lifestyle, including - Healthy Child, happy child - Helping your child learning to read - Helping your child learn math - Helping your child learn history - Preparing your child or college

252. The art of astrology
This superb 327 page manual shows you how to read and make horoscopes

253. Party travel
Discover The Fun, Exciting And Wild World Of Affordable Singles Travel…And Start Partying In The Worlds Hottest Party Destinations

254. Romantic ideas for couples
Romantic Ideas for Couples’ will teach you SIMPLE METHODS, and give you great, CREATVE IDEAS to use every day, and MORE IDEAS to use on THOSE SPECIAL OCCASIONS like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and Birthdays!

255. How to start your own interior design business
a thoroughly researched report on how to take your interest and turn it into a full fledged career. It takes you from the beginning - helping you figure out if this is really for you - all the way to finding clientele for your new business.